morning sickness and a hairy newborn

Moms who suffered from morning sickness delivered babies with a head full of hair whereas moms who did not suffer morning sickness delivered babies either bald or with little hair.
Mark was born with a little hair and I had moderate, well managed morning sickness.
How about you, moms?

    I was sick my entire pregnancy and Tristen was born with old man hair and still has it. Almost totally bald on top and bald about an inch around the neck and ears. The areas he did have hair it was stick straight and super fine.
      My first two I didn't have bad morning sickness and they had a little hair.. My last two the morning sickness got progressively worse and the hair got thicker.
      On the other hand, my sister had horrible morning sickness with her last and she was born completely bald. :/
        I don't believe morning sickness can predict if your child will have hair or non at all. With my two children I had mild morning sickness at the beginning but it subsided and they both have quite alot of hair.
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