good but bad news!

okay, so i went to the hospital and they did all kinds of tests and a sonogram....i currently am still pregnant but, im on bedrest til i get to see a dr this week...they said they fear that im goin through a miscarriage but it hasnt affected me yet. so, when i go see the dr this week hes gonna redo a sonogram to see if anything went up or if it went down...theres 3 things that can happen...1) if its down theres still a possibility that i will have a miscarriage 2)if the baby doesnt miscarriage all the way i could die 3) if it is up then im goin to have a this point i think were in gods praying that he can help us...i'll keep all you mamas posted but,goodnight yall time too get some rest... :) have a good night yall :)

    I'm so sorry to hear that. I will be praying for you. Definitely follow through on the bed rest!
      thanks mommas... (hugs) too all of youu....and, i'm staying in bed except for when i have too pee....and, i actually have to take care of myself because my fiancee works til 330 but before he left for work he brought me the laptop,movies, the notebook too draw, and some cool aid....

      i'll keep you updated when the dr calls back:) i hope everything goes well...
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