So Hayden has hit the why stage and I understand he's learning but oh my goodness there is only so many answers I have for things before I say because I said so. The other day we went and saw performing bears and Hayden wanted to take one home and I said we couldn't, he said why..because Hayden they live here with they're handlers.. but why... because that's where they're comfortable but why momma I want a bear... he is adorable but I think we went on like 20 more questions and me trying to get clever before I ran out answers..did your little ones go through this stage?

    Yesterday I saw awesome phrase on Facebook: It's hard to explain people simple things day by day, when you are 4 years old boy). Think it fits for your case)).
    Hayden is just trying to know the world better and exploring it every day - and you are his main guide. It's awesome age - you'll miss this "why, mom?' things in few years.
      8Theresa Gould
      It does seem never ending when they reach the why age. It is fun, frustrating and a source of humor. I say enjoy the stage while it's here because before you know it, it will be gone. Be sure to record any thing that stands out to you because you will forget.
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