calling all single moms advice

Hello ladies..I'm new here but hoping to learn and connect with some great mamma's
I'm divorced with 7 and 4 year old awesome kids.
However my alimony ended....and I'm faced with having to work. .which I hate because I love being home and available for my babies..
Any thoughts advice....???

    my ex husband and I split when our daughter was about a year old, she's three now. I've had to work ever since then in order to support myself and my family (we live with my parents). My daughter got used to it at a young age. Plus, my mother watches her while I work so she's comfortable. It won't be that way forever though. When we get a place of our own, she'll have to be watched by someone else. My advice would be to try to explain that mommy has to work from now on and that on your days off, you'll be able to spend time with them just like you used to. It'll be hard at first but kids eventually learn that everyone has to work when they get older and you are no exception. They'll understand some day that you needed to support them so don't worry too much about it right now.
      Hi Amy, nice to meet you) Let me call Jessica to this discussion - she knowas best how to handle all those things
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        I'm sorry. Have you tried looking for work at home jobs? Sheilamentioned Apple is hiring, check to see if they are hiring in your area:…
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