I put in my notice well over a month ago, and they still haven't found my replacement. As a result I have been working extremely long days (nearly 30hrs of overtime a week!) I am exhausted and I have to reschedule all of my baby appts constantly. I missed the 18 week testing because I couldn't get time off!! The environment I'm in is extremely dangerous for me and the baby. And last night was the most violent. I texted my husband what happened and he freeeaked out! He is begging me to quit ASAP. He is so worried for our baby boy, and my well being. *sigh* And I really don't need my deployed hubby stressing out about us.

I know that I'm in a dangerous situation, and have had a few close calls, but if I leave, there will be only 2 ladies to work. and I would feel terrible having them pick up the pieces. But on the other hand I would feel worse if something happened to our baby!


    You put your notice in. Be over with it. I'd feel sorry for the other ladies, too. But your baby is more important.
      Thank you, I definitely think it's time I just leave! They had their time to find a replacement.
        8Theresa Gould
        It doesn't really seem like they are looking for a replacement yet because you are willing to work... .do you think this too? It is so not worth the risk if you and baby are in danger. Take care of you and your baby. They will only find a replacement once you are officially gone.
          Thank you so much for all of your input, I told them what happened and they changed my schedule so I could be double staffed :/ it helps, but I can't wait to be finished!
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