It's gearing up to be a bad day. Only 7:15 and we've already had two melt downs. Hopefully I can find away to turn it around.

    ...We are having that kind of a week. I bribed them with juice from the store yesterday... Thank goodness for .50 sport cap juice drinks. :)
    He is cuddling with me now. Something he almost never does. The only thing he wants is my coffee and I won't let him have it so he keeps freaking out. Lol
      It has gotten better. He went in the play pen for a while so Mommy could clean the house. Sometimes he needs that smaller space and he's instantly better when he goes in the play pen or crib. I think he just needed a break from me! Lol but now we have a happier baby and a sparkly clean house so this Mommy is happy too lol :-)
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