Night child

is this normal my daughter is basically a vampire she stays in during the day on her computer and then at the evening she wonders in the back ally and chalks and plays with a bouncy ball all night and then at 11:30 she goes to bed and trust me she is so white because she never gets any sun and she made up this poem I hope I remember it right "when all the children play in the middle of the day I stay inside and wait for night to fall for night is my day it is when I am out to play" I mean don't you think the whole night thing is a little odd what do you think

    It's not odd really. Some kids, especially during the summer, get their days and nights mixed up. She isn't going to school right now, I assume. So likely it's just that her summer schedule has become a little funny. I would suggest not letting her out so late though and encouraging her to get up and play during the day.

    On a side note, I think her poem is very interesting! She may have a bit of a writer in her emerging. :)
      8Theresa Gould
      During the summer months our children seem to have to be coaxed to go to bed, especially at their normal time because it stays light out so much later. Even our little boys have been laying awake in bed until the sun goes down lately.
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