I am 38weeks will be 39weeks tomorrow.....help

I have been having really severe lower back pains, nausea and headaches, extreme pelvic pressure, and pressure on my bum. Is this normal to be feeling this. He hasn't "dropped" yet, I am not dilated at all, not that I know of. When I feel the lower back pains I am not contracting at all. So it isn't contractions. I just don't know what is going on. I have my doctor appointment tomorrow and I will be discussing this with my OB but I don't know what it could be.

    You are almost there, Alyssa! It's normal to be scared! What did you doctor told you last time? Was there any problems?
      I agree, sounds like your body is preparing the big arrival. You are at the home stretch now :-) It's better not to ignore these concerns and just address them, call your doctor and speak to the nurse about your symptoms and your concerns to help ease your mind. This is their expertise and they're there to assist you through the process mama. Don't feel silly either about it either. it's almost birthday time:-)
        You are almost there God bless you hon
          You could be in labor sweetie. You are at the end and can go into labor at anytime!!
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