Crying, laughing unstop

my 10 year old daughter Meghan has been crying and laughing and wierd times for no reason like this morning her big brother Alex came downstairs and hugged her and she started crying and I asked her why and she said I don't know and she said I don't know my head started to burn and then I started to cry and then all of a sudden she stopped crying and she started shaking like she was chilled and she seemed dumbfounded and I think it is all part of a act so I said stop it and she said I can't and I thought she was trying to play on my emotions so I left the room and she has been doing that only sometimes she will laugh instead of cry and if someone touches her or talkers to her in a citrin manner her eyes will almost go back in her head and she will start crying but I think she is trying to get attention what do you think and one time I told her to imagine a island and she said she can't and I said what do you mean you can you are perfectly fine and she was quiet she said I have never gotten a doctors check up and you don't know and then I ignored her and then I thought how do I know if she is fine she has never gotten a doctors check up I don't know but last night in her sleep she said I want someone to talk to and she does take medication for depression but I don't know what do you think?

    8Theresa Gould
    I'm not sure what to think but I would definitely mention it to her doctor. How long has she been on medication, could it be a reaction to the meds?
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