im getting frustrated...the hospital told me to call the dr too make an appointment but since i aint got medical insurance ill have too pay $200.00...

    Don't you automatically get insurance now under the Affordable Care Act? I live in Canada, so I don't know all the details, but I thought eveybody had to get insurance now.
      Also, given that you are so early, I am not sure there is much that a dr can do for you. Maybe a wait and see approach is the best way to go for now?
        we applied for medicaid but it hasnt came yet and i went to the er monday night for my bleeding and when i was getting discharged she told me to call the dr too make an appointment to see if my blood levels went up or if the went down....if they went down then im more inlikely having a miscarriage but if it went up then im gonna have a baby...i gotta go back to the hospital for them to take more blood then i have a drs appointment on tomorrow at, hopefully i get some good news..

        the hospital said i cant wait 2 things can happen if i wait.....1) have a miscarriage and 2) if the miscarriage doesnt miscarry all the way it could kill me...

        they said that i was still pregnant but, they feared that it was turning into a miscarriage...
          yeah me too...
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