Oh Baby!

Mamas.. What was your first fear that crossed your mind when you found out you pregnant? I'm sure you were all excited, as was I.. But what was that first FEAR that crept into your mind?

Mine was the birth! Ha! It's honestly the biggest thing I just "didn't know" and honestly, there is no way to know what it's like until you go through it! It all ends up happening, you make it through and life goes on ;) Some happenings of tbem are better than others.. But a sweet healthy babe is the goal!

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      The first two were huge surprises...I don't remember any fear.. My third I had the fear of 'how am i going do to this?' Andrew and Eva are 21 mos apart. My fourth I was scared to tell my sister..scared she would't talk to me-the day we found out about ours was the day she lost hers. :(
      She did! Two weeks later she found out she was pregnant again so now I have an almost five month old and she has an almost four month old.
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