work from home??

I am having a tough time today, and its been every since yesterday at work I almost past out 3 times because I am so sick and nauseated i have an ultrasound tm but idk if i will get to speak to my doc. But my biggest issue now is wondering about being a stay at home mother and find work from home before i was constantly finding scams, start up fees i couldn't afford and living off of 1 income is definitely unacceptable, i wish i could find some stay home jobs that would help me stay on top with having income in my household. I feel like yesterday being at work i could have really hurt myself if i didn't find a seat quickly enough i just think i am straining myself standing on my feet 8hrs a day with short breaks, my body isn't taking it well. has anyone here found something promising as far as staying at home and working with children or babies on the way?

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      I haven't, personally. My hubby does ok with surveys on Global Test Market..not much, though.. If you are good at sales I would try something like Mary Kay, Avon, Pampered Chef or Tupperware.. Usborne Books. I know there's some expertise pages on the site for this, too.
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