Male and female clergy, do you agree?

It seems as though some religions are opening up to having both male and female clergy, whereas for a long period in history this was a male dominated area.

Do you agree with both sexes being clergy? Why or why not? Will you teach your children, when they are old enough to have the discussion, that both men and women can be clergy?

    Well.. I am Catholic, so this really instantly limits what the Catholic Church "thinks".. I grew up with the tradition of males being priests and deacons, so I guess, for me, it's just what I am used to... granted I am a woman, think women should have all the same rights as men.. but it still would feel weird, JUST FOR ME, to see a woman like that in Catholic Church.. just my two sense :)
      Well, I've been a youth pastor and a children's pastor and ALMOST got my ministers license to pastor, my sister is an ordained minister and has pastored several churches. So I'm all for it :-)
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