What does your baby sleep in?

Mamas.. what does your baby sleep in, clothing wise, at night?

Monroe sleeps in pajamas that are long sleeve and have footie feet. We keep our AC on and the house can get cold at night.. and we noticed his hands get mildly cold, so we will keep it this way for now. I did see pajamas with no feet and 3 quarter length sleeves.. but I just think he would get too cold. Since he cannot have blankets or anything in his crib.. it's the best way we can keep him warm!

What about you?

    8Theresa Gould
    It all depended on the temperature in the house. Like you said, the light weight footie pjs are great for for summer time when the AC is running but if it was before we put the AC on, sometimes just a diaper was all because it would be so hot and humid in our upstairs.
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