Do you have a backup "lovey" for your child?

My son has a blankie that he couldn't live without as a baby. We bought a spare as a backup just in case we ever lost the original one. He is 9yr old now and still sleeps with his blankie.

If you child has a lovey have you ever considered getting a back up in case it was lost or ruined?

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    Oh I wish I could! If we ever lost his stuffed frog then HE would be lost!
      8Theresa Gould
      We did for our oldest blankie wise but not Elmo, which was her stuffed lovey. And we did not have a back up of Eeyore for our second oldest, she did have a large one and a small one, which helped when the small one had to be washed. We made out ok though, thankfully.
        My son has a back up for his one toy that he loves but his ultimate lovey I have to buy a backup online
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