Nobody's Perfect.. What HE wishes someone would have asked him..

Ah.. a great article I am sharing with you Mamas.. about a homosexual Dad, stating what he wishes people would have asked him before they had brought their baby home... how will you handle him NOT being perfect?

It's quite the question really.. isn't.. all the ideas, dreams and how we "think/hope" things will go in our heads.. and then, alas, reality is quite different. I haven't gotten to that point with Monroe yet.. he's a "normal" happy and healthy 5 month old.. but I know the time will come, when he does something differently, perhaps odd, not in line, not like the rest.. and I wonder how will I handle it? Will I accept it instantly? Will I be ashamed?

Parenting is quite the learning curve, isn't it? It's hard to not step in, help, direct, lead them every step of the way.. we have to let them guide themselves a bit.. and trust they will get to where they need to be.

Moms.. can you relate to this Dad? If so, how?…

    Great article, Meg! I can relate to this Dad in that I believe the same he does that we strive for perfection, get discouraged and somewhere along our journey we figure out that imperfection/flaws are not a bad thing. Imperfection and acceptance go hand in hand. I love that he is instilling this in his kid, that he sees him- like really sees him and how unique he is from the other kids- and he's proactive about doing what he can to help out his son. He's afraid to be scrutinized for parenting, but he's learning to let that go and just focus on his family. It's a sweet article.
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