My Birth Story

It was a Monday night and I started noticing some contractions that were lasting for quite a while around 6 PM, so I started timing them. That night I had my bloody show. I had a lot of trouble sleeping due to excitement and the contractions, and by the time SO was awake and getting ready for work on Tuesday, I was in some serious pain. We called my brother to come pick me up and he took me to the hospital, but they said I wasn't dilated enough and sent me home. I didn't want to be home all by myself all day, so I labored at my dad's house where I could have someone with me at all times. I also called my best friend and my mom and told them that things were going down, so they both drove across the state to be with me. Laboring at home was AWFUL. We tried to go for a walk around the block to move things along, but I didn't even make it to the end of the street before I couldn't handle it anymore! My parents bought Subway and insisted that I eat something. I don't suggest this, and I'll explain why later.

I finally went back to the hospital around 11 PM on Tuesday, and they said that I was just dilated enough to be admitted (JUST DILATED ENOUGH. AFTER OVER 24 HOURS!!). I accepted the epidural so I could get some sleep. The nurses kept coming in while I was sleeping and waking me up to check how dilated I was, and after a while, I just started sleeping through it, I was so tired, lol! Then in the wee hours of the morning, a nurse woke me up to tell me my water had broken. I didn't even feel it! She said that she was going to go get the doctor and that things were going to start happening soon.

He came in right around when my epidural started to wear off :( I felt EVERYTHING. I started pushing around 6 AM Wednesday. I threw up. Like, seriously, I was in so much pain, I told them, "I'm going to be sick", and they handed me a bucket and I lost my Subway (like I said, I don't recommend eating). After pushing for about 2 hours, I had finally gotten her head down far enough that the doctor could see the top of her head (he told me that she had a lot of hair), but my cervix started to swell shut! I don't know if it was from laboring for so long, or all of the pressure, or the trauma, or just my body reacting poorly, but my doorway was closing on my baby. The doctors tried to suction her out, but it wouldn't stick because of all her hair. Then they tried the forceps (which was probably the most painful thing I've ever experienced! I'm screaming by this point) and she went back up!! That's when the doctor called it: C-Section. One part of me was saying, "What?? No! I want to do this! I'm supposed to be able to do this!", but a bigger, more dominant part of me screamed, "Just get it out!!!!!!". So they prepped for surgery (this was my first surgery, btw), which seemed to take forever, meanwhile I'm still laboring while I waited. Then they took me in, strapped me down in this crucified position (scary), drugged me up, and sliced me open. I remember actually asking my anesthesiologist if it was okay if I went to sleep, because I was so, so tired. He chuckled and said that was fine (he had a wonderful bedside manner). I was in and out throughout the process. Soon my doctor peeked over the curtain and said that he was going to have to push her down further so that they could pull her out, so he was going to push on my upper abdomen. I couldn't see anything, but I'm pretty sure he body slammed me, lol! I mean that was a HARD push!!

"They were right! It's a little girl!"
"Waah! Waaaaah!"
"She's got a LOT of hair!".

They brought her around to me so I could see her, but I couldn't touch her or anything (crucified, remember), and they whisked her away. I wanted to cry, but I just couldn't. I was just way too tired. All I wanted to do was sleep, so I did while they stapled me shut. I woke up in the room I was waiting in before surgery, alone. Then a nurse came in and messed with a computer, asked me some questions, and I was wheeled back to my room. Meanwhile, everyone else got to see the baby (and Daddy and Grandma got to hold her). When she was finally brought to me, I was terrified that we hadn't gotten to have the skin-to-skin connection that we were supposed to, but once she was in my arms, I wasn't so scared anymore. It was weird to think that this was the last time that anything would be all about me anymore. 38 hours of pain and weeks of recovery, for a beautiful, smart, sweet, perfect little girl? Worth it.

Violet Rayne, Born March 28th, 2014, 8:05 AM
7 lbz. 3 oz., 20"

My Birth Story
    Congratulations Tulsa
      LOL I just realized that the date on that is wrong! She was born in 2012, NOT 2014!
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