I Need Help!!!

Hello everyone, I'm 29 year's old. Me and my boyfriend of 11 year's are trying to have are second child. I'm worried because I was on the shot for 7 year's. I have not been taking it the last one was 4 months ago. I only had my period 2 time's while I was on the shot. I don't know when my menstrual cycle is coming. I need help. Thanks

    8Theresa Gould
    What the others said and also, I believe Sheila mentioned in the past that sometimes it takes a while for your cycles to regulate and for you to get pregnant after having the shot...I think, don't quote me but hopefully she will chime in with her experience again for you.
      It can definitely take a bit for your cycles to regulate once you go off birth control. Have you tried picking up some ovulation predictor kits? They have cheapies at the dollar store that work just as well as the expensive ones. You can even buy strips online in bulk. I wouldn't worry! But it might ease your mind to talk to your OBGYN.
        If you go to your GYN they usually can help you. But stress has a major factor in trying to become pregnant. Sometimes when you try to plan it takes a long for it to happen. I am telling you that from experience. Just go to your Gyn and get regulated and just let it happen naturally or if you planning on having a family sooner then later then you can go and see a Fertility doctor.
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