feeling overwhelmed

have 3 sons my little one has sensory processing disorder and he takes all my time i need a job but something at home its a lot of work to deal with him

deborahBrooklyn, New York
    does your son have a social worker who can suggest resources to help you? do you have a good support system, not just family and friends, but maybe some local agencies who can also help you with caring for your son while you're working (from home)? I can't imagine how to effectively juggle a work load while you're taking care of your son . You need your rest too and not enough of you to go around to the other 2 boys if you're stretched too thin. Good luck with the job search and keep us posted!
      no social worker its hard but the other 2 r 19 and 12 i don't get much sleep as is he's never been a good sleeper i have no choice need extra money thank you
        8Theresa Gould
        Sheilaposted this yesterday or the day before, Apple is hiring, maybe they are hiring in your area?

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