My Induction

I haven't stopped by in a bit to update so thought that I would do that this morning. My preeclampsia & Gestational diabetes has been controlled and seems to be doing okay for now. I am completely swollen & uncomfortable but my bp's look okay and my protein is staying about the same for now. Which is better than going up.

My doctor isn't letting my go past 37 weeks pregnant due to the preE. She said it just wasnt beneficial to me or the baby especially at her size. I will be 35 weeks tomorrow!!! Which means that next week she will be writing up the order for to schedule my induction at the hospital. I believe we are looking at me going in at midnight on July 31st to be induced :)

I thought that I would share this update ... Many prayers needed and appreciated over the next couple of weeks.

Rhonda WarrenCharlestown, Indiana
    Hi Rhonda, nice to meet you here). It looks like you do everything right and you'll go through it very soon... Will pray for you and your baby girl!!
      8Theresa Gould
      I am glad to hear all is going well, Rhonda Warren. You will meet you sweet baby soon!
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