Life is so stressful!

Sorry I haven't been on here awhile. Things have been quite crazy. We are having to move out of our current home that we are renting because the owners want to sell the home. After hours and hours of searching I had someone reach out to me on a Facebook group and let me know that their home was up for rent. Our family fell in love with the home and we gave them money for an application. Long story short they decided last minute they were going to let their friends rent it. SO we pretty much were screwed over and out of the money for the application fees. And now to top it off and I out of work for a month so we are living pay check to pay check. I feel really bad because one of the children I was watching is going off to school and I haven't really found another child to replace him because I have no clue where we will be living. I have been searching online to jobs (stay at home jobs) but no luck. Sorry Just had to vent.

    I'm so sorry all of this is happening. My heart goes out to you. When you applied for the home was it through and individual/real estate agent/real estate firm? If a real estate agent was is one you have been working with? Or the owners Real Estate agent? I ask because I am experienced in Real Estate Management and Sales, although for the state of Texas-there aren't usually many different laws state by state (but that can be easily researched). I would love to help however I can.
    The house we are living in now a real estate management the house we are looking at it was individuals. The also came up with some excuse staying their insurance would go up if they have 3 adults in the house instead of two. Which I have never heard of before. We are having our friend move with us because he is in need of a place to and we figured we could save some money by splitting up bills.
    Completely understood. I also have never heard of anything like that regarding insurance. States usually have a maximum occupancy per bedroom but typically in multi-family (apt/townhome/duplex etc.) and the application would come with a Statement of Rental Policy explaining procedures, requirements, and all about approval conditions of which would also require a signature by anyone 18 and older.
    There are pros and cons to leasing from an individual. Most important- Did you sign a lease agreement already? Are there any form of written documentation stating you were approved and expected to move in (e-mail, etc.)?
    If so, you have the right to still move in as it would be a legal binding contract. However; because of the circumstances you may or may not desire to. But generally you can get your money back if you were turned away. There are stipulations on this matter but if you put a substantial amount of money into this it would be worth it. If not, it may be less of a headache to walk away.

    You should contact a realtor to assist you. The service is free to you as they are paid from the Lessor. I hope this information is helpful. Please feel free to message me for anything else I may be able to help with. Stay strong and positive. The right place will come along :-)
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