period after pregancy

So I am on the mini pill my son is 8 months and I have been on it since he was 6 weeks old. I got my period when he was 9 weeks or so. I was and still breast feeding no formula. My periods have been really weird though. I will be on it for 2 weeks go off for about 5 days then back on my period for like 4 more days makes no sense to me. Before my son I was so regular. My body was like a clock and now my periods are all over. Not sure if this is normal or what. I know we want to try again for another baby when Jacob is 1 year. I said I would go off birth control when he turned 1 and would try to get pregnant by the time he was 2. We want them close in age.Not sure if I should just stop using the mini pill now. Anyone else have this problem? Is it the mini pill?

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    The last time I was on the mini pill my periods were so screwed up. I finally gave up and stopped taking it. i would go five weeks straight bleeding and all they would tell me was that my body was catching up. Um NO. There is not 'catching up to do'. The hormones mess your system up.
    It's missing one of the hormones the normal birth control pills are so it doesn't mess up your milk supply.
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