1st year of school and planning for baby #3 :)

So nervous about my baby starting kindergarten this year. We are still waiting to hear if my youngest was accepted into the 4K program. Weird thinking this might be my empty nest year :( In other news, we are doing dome research on which is better for us, IVF or tubal reversal???

    I've been very involved in my kids lives since their bio dad walked out when my oldest was 2 weeks old. I have never been without them for even 1 day. Didn't even take a honeymoon when I was re-married LOL. I know I will have all this "free time" but I'm not sure how I will spend it. I know it sounds really pathetic to some, but it's just how I feel :P
      The IVF is about $2000 more expensive but has a better success rate. My tubal was more extensive than normal (thanks doc) so my chances significantly drop with a reversal because of that, however IVF has other risks such as multiples and having to do injections (I HATE needles LOL), so at this point we are making appointments with different doctors to get some professional opinions :)
        My baby girl was accepted into the 4k program!!!! I am so happy for her, but nervous at the same time. I know this will be difficult for her. She's so shy and clingy whereas my oldest is head-strong and Miss Independent for real LOL. Any advice on helping Miss Shy-Butt integrate smoothly?
          Hopefully you take some time to pamper yourself while you've got the time! You definitely deserve it. Good luck with #3, hopefully the docs give you the info you need.
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          I am 29 yrs old and mommy to 2 beautiful little girls. We are currently planning baby #3 but have a lot of research to do as we have to have a tubal reversal or IVF to achieve our goals :) Hopefully this time next year, we will have everything started :)
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