What would you do if your child...

What would you do if you child wanted to be a vegetarian or vegan? Would you let them or would you say no? Would their reasons for wanting to matter? What about the cost of food?

    I think I would sort out why they feel this way... perhaps they really don't care for meat? Because of animals? Because of texture? I think I would then allow a trial period, asking them if they are serious, to prove that they will help make meals, come up with ideas and cook meals that they would enjoy eating and that are healthy.. if this seems to really work.. why not? The cost of food wouldn't bother me. I also don't eat a ton of meat, nor does my Husband, so maybe that's why I would be open to it!
      As soon as they can cook for themselves, I would support it wholeheartedly. Until then, I'd try to take into account their preferences and make more vegan/vegetarian friendly foods but not adjust my entire family's menu.
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