Babies dying in hot cars has to stop, how you can help

I simply cannot stand to read one more story of a baby dying in a hot car and all the speculation that comes with it. Let's have a more mature approach, come together as mothers and work towards a solution to preventing this from happening!!! Here is how we can help:

Please sign & share petition to stop child hot car deaths: needs 100,000 signatures in the next 30 days and the White House will respond to their petition directly! You can help even further by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.

I have made a commitment to do everything I can to help make sure this important petition goes through. We can all do our small part by signing and actively sharing it through Aug.12. It takes a village ladies! Please help!

Babies dying in hot cars has to stop, how you can help
    Thanks for sharing Amber.
    Anyone who leaves a child in a car gets a free broken window.
      Children dying in a hot car is sickening, but I for one won't be signing a petition. Are we going to legislate every part of parenting? What about parents who let their kids watch inappropriate TV or eat too much junk food? I agree with Meg wholeheartedly that it has to be a parental awareness issue, not a government issue.
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