Need baby cruising tips !!

Aaradhya has started cruising around the furniture. At her nine month check up doc said may be she won't crawl and might start walking in few months. I wanted to know what all can I do to ensure her surroundings are safe and she can move around without any injuries. I want to increase her cursing space but I get scared of curvy wood furniture corners/edges.

    8Theresa Gould
    I would put my couch pillows down on the floor beside and behind my babies to give them a softer fall, which inevitably happens. They are more resilient than we think, as hard as it is to see them topple over multiple times as they learn how to cruise and walk.

    I also made barriers with my dining room chairs when I worked in my kitchen. I could see in my living room and wanted to be able to watch my babies as well as keep them from going in the kitchen while I was making dinner. I also didn't want them leaving the living room to another room or the hallway where I wouldn't be able to see them. The area was an open area so baby gates were not suitable for our home.
      We changed the layout of our living room and removed extra furniture so we did not have to bolt it to the wall. The new layout provides her lots of space to play. We also have a gate at the top of our stairs.