Bath time.. routine? random? together?

Mamas.. do your or your significant other (if you have one) help together during baby's bath time? Does one do it and the other never does? Do you all take turns? I would love to know! I always find differing routines interesting :)

As for me?

We rotate! We each take turns each night.. sometimes we both stay in there and help.. but for the most part we let each other have some one on one time with the little guy :) My husband really likes to give him baths since he works all day.. it's nice bonding time for them :)

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      8Theresa Gould
      My hubby is usually the one to put our boys to bed unless I happen to go to bed on time, then we both will, or I will.

      The older children actually get the bath water ready for our two youngest and the 8 year old and up are pretty much self sufficient as far as baths go.

      When they were younger, it all depended on what was going on, but we both bathed them and rotated.
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