Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

Hi ladies! Have any of your little ones gotten HFMD? There's a big break out of in here in Korea and I worry that Ally might have been exposed. If she does get the rash... what kind of treatments work best? I'm trying to plan ahead! I know yesterday she had a mild fever, but she's been fine ever since!

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    We haven't experienced this but I just had someone ask me about recommendations for essential oils and what I discovered is that Thieves essential oil applied to a little ones feet will help, plus diffusing. I don't know of any other treatments other than that, sorry.
      Clara has had it once and spread it to my mother and then eventually to me! It was a lot like a poison ivy rash, only more painful. It comes and goes quickly and usually without any real bad side effects. We just used itch creams and made she sure rested the couple of days it was at its worst. Stay off the feet as much as possible: a. because it's painful to walk on and b. walking around with it barefoot will spread it to others. Keep all affected areas covered and wash frequently! We didn't get it so much on the mouth part, thank God. But the hands and feet were awful! But like I said, in a matter of about a week it's all gone. We made sure that wherever Clara went with us, we sanitized play areas and toys, and kept an eye on her to make sure she didn't put things in her mouth that were outside of the home like other kids' toys and such. That's how it spreads.
        so both my boys got it a couple of yrs. ago they had a mild fever then about 7 to 10 days later they had a rash that almost looked like hives then blistered but it went away with in 1 to 2 days and all the dr did was give them antibiotics and Tylenol they only had it on there feet and hands not in there mouths. my boys got there's from a water park changing room just keep an eye on her
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