Article: The Politics of Diapers: a Timeline

This article was first featured on Mothering in 2003. I learned a few new things:

"1975, February In comparing the effectiveness of several brands of disposable diapers, Consumer Reports notes that trees are cut down in their manufacture, enteric (intestinal) viruses and live polio viruses from vaccines have been found in feces in disposable diapers removed from “sanitary” landfills, flushing diapers can ruin septic tanks and plumbing lines and damage sewage-treatment plants, and only commercial incinerators can safely burn disposables."

"2000 German study links use of plastic diapers to male infertility. The mean scrotal temperature is significantly higher in all age groups during the periods of plastic diaper use. Plastic diapers seriously undermine the body’s natural ability to keep the scrotum and testicles cool. The researchers call for further research on the impact of increased testicular temperature in infancy on later sperm production. (“Scrotal Temperature is Increased in Disposable Plastic Lined Nappies,” Archives of Disease in Childhood 83, October 2000.)"

Plus a couple others. Were any of these points news to you?…

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      Before having children I said I'd use cloth. The decision was difficult but looking realistically at living in a very small apartment in a building that did not have laundry in it 'sealed the deal' to using disposable. I use Pampers and Huggies, each diaper worked differently for each child, and at least for me and my family using disposable made the most sense. Please don't think poorly of me because of my use of regular disposable diapers.
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