Wear 'em or Stroll 'em?

Mamas.. when taking baby on walks with you.. or even out n about a lot.. did you often wear them (in a carrier) or did you more often put them in the stroller?

For me? I typically pop Monroe in the stroller, it's so simple and easy to get unfolded and what not.. and my darn Moby wrap takes so much more time! ha Although we are getting another carrier for the beach when we go.. because strollers do not do well in sand ;)

    For the past 2 month's Selena doesn't want to chill in the stroller she'd rather me hold her, so its been the carrier for now but she's getting heavier so i've been trying to get her in the stroller the past few days. So far its been rough.
      I used the stroller. Sometimes the carrier can make the child even more attached and well.. we need to do SOME things alone that takes 2 hands! Am I right? hehe.. So i find the stroller worked better for me.
        WEAR!!! I prefer ring slings right now, but I usually like wraps. Carriers have had their moment in the spotlight too but I'd much rather use a ring sling or wrap :)
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