why cant i have a husband that cares about me i feel like he dosent love me,i get really nice pretty i get my makeup done so he can tell me how much i look beautiful..we dont kiss at all its been 3 months sence we kissed..seriously i think i will leave him we have 2 kids i have no money i feel hurt in my heart..

ladys its me alta RAM but i change evrything because i dont want the new ppl to know who iam..

i dont know what to do???

    Hello, I don't know who you are but I wasted to ask you, how long have you been married? Do you guys argue? Have you spoken to him? Maybe you need some therapy to get you back to that loving place. I would talk to him first, maybe right a letter to him of you feel you won't aya what you want in person ( happens to me sometimes) then if you need more help try to see a therapist. I also recommend this book " 7 principles of making a marriage work by john gottman. My dad is a mental health therapist and is perusing his own practice and he says it's the best book out there. Best of look, I hope everything works out.
      8Theresa Gould
      I would try talking to him. Does he work a lot? Have you tried getting out for a date night or having a date night in after the children are in bed?
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