Weird husband!

I want to know if it is a bad thing if my husband is very excited about a baby? I am not pregnant and we are trying to get pregnant. He is talking about a baby more and more, he even got involved with the planning of the baby room (how it should look if it is a boy or a girl). He talks about the baby's name and so on. Should I just leave it or do I have to say something. I kind of enjoy that he likes to talk about it even if there is no baby??

    )) weird and cool hubby). Lucky you are, Elozette!
    I and Sam would know what did you said to him?))
    Usually when I talked about a baby he would change the subject and get mad at me for wanting a baby. Then just one day we talked about our ages and he said he doesn't want to be old when he has his children. I left the discussion just there and not talking about it. After 2 weeks or so he said we have to try get pregnant and suddenly he just bloomed. He talks about it all the time and he would speak as if the baby is already here. I really enjoy it when he talks this way. I think he got responsible and realising that there is more to his life than himself. I didn't say much to persuade him.
      Sounds like he's all in! I wouldn't be worried about it... I don't think it's bad, just sounds like he's getting into the idea of being a dad. If anything, I'd say it's a good thing!