Sharing the master bedroom with baby.

I have never shared a bedroom or a bed with my babies until I had Autumn. Our master bedroom is relatively large, and we have a nice nook in the corner that is currently being used for storage. Autumn is still being breastfeed, and I plan on continuing until she is one. Autumn will be sharing our room until she is weaned or until we feel she is old enough to be moved to the guest room, so I am planning on making the most of our space. I have a few Ideas, but always need a few more.

Do any of you share a room with your baby, if so how have you made the most of your space and did you separate your room and make the space into a nursery?

    We are sharing a room only because we only have a one bedroom apartment, we are saving up to buy a house.
      We only have a one bedroom apartment for the next 6 months since my boyfriend was the only one in work when we got one so we have to share. Were gonna have our bed on one wall and the crib on the other and our half will probably just not be decorated too much (just cause we don't have too many of our own decorations) and Brielle's will have all of her Alice in Wonderland themed wall hangings (posters, clocks, etc.) and then we have a walk-in closet that's gonna have the changing table and we bought little plastic drawers that fit in the shelves on the changing table to hold her clothes and diapers and then her toys are gonna kinda be everywhere for the time being. We'll probably leave her bumbo on the kitchen table, have a bouncer in the living room, another in the bedroom, a playmat in the living room and another in the bedroom and then her bath stuff in a little caddy under the sink. and then her bottles will of course take over a drying rack on the counter.
        Maggie Taylor
        Yes we did share a room with Julie. her toddler bed was at the end of our bed till we were sure she would wake us up. Though she still sleeps with us from time to time.
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