woohoo! :)

everything is okay...i didnt have a miscarriage according to the dr im 4 weeks and 3 days and due march 22nd til my sonogram then my due date will change:) yupp im gonna be a mommy<3

    8Theresa Gould
    Congratulations! How are you feeling so far? Any morning sickness yet?
      thanks mommas and Theresa, no not yet...but, my mom asked me if i was pregnant and i said why she said she has been eating alot more....when someone in my family gets pregnant i or my mom eat more then usually but, i been having my cravings....salads, stuffed shells....chicken wings and alot more but, i ate all that before i moved down south...i dont know if its a craving or not because i ate all that before i moved down south but it seems like i want it because i havent ate it ina while.....but, thanks for the prayers...i have another drs appointment the 11th for a sonogram...i'll keep yall updated....night mommas... hugs!
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      20 years old....currently engaged too the most amazing guy in the world....this is my first baby...but, i'm excited.