Article: Where Children Learn to Communicate

Before I even read the article, my answer was children learn to communicate from their parents or main caregivers. The ones they are with the most.

Where do you think your child(ren) are learning to communicate? From professionals or you, your husband and your family?…

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    I believe children learn alot from their parents to communicate. Especially when, your interacting with them daily and continuing to sharping their skills by reading etc.. My daughter learned quickly by, teaching her some sign language as an infant then practicing her words and she learned to speak some of her words before she started school. I believe it can be a possibility of both though in some ways. Depends on if the daycares/school are constant and willing to work with others who struggle in different areas.
      I mean it depends on the child. Every child development is different and exposed to different things.
        Yes but I try to teach my son some words but he doesn't only when he wants
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