Weird question.

I know I ask some weird personal questions on here. Im just curious if others think like me.

Do you mind your husband seeing you naked after you have had children? It bothers me a lot. I try not to let it show. I weigh 170 pounds at 5 feet 7 inchs. I have gotten back down to the weight I was when I first met him but my stomach is stretched from the kids and I have horrible stretch marks and my hips have gotten so far apart even if I was the weight im suppose to be I would still look bigger. Im just feel all flabby. He says im sexy and beautiful and he likes seeing me naked. But I just don't believe him. How could he?? I feel gross. Do any of you feel the same?

    I feel the same way...I know my husband doesn't like the extra weight I'm still trying to get off but I know he'd also rather see my body with the extra weight versus never seeing it at all. He's just glad anytime he gets to see a naked body. Lol And in some strange way that gives me confidence.
      I feel similar and my husband always tells me I an great. It is hard to believe him but I try. It is not fun to see how your body changes for the worst. Lately I have been trying my hardest to like myself for who I am and be grateful.
        I felt this way for a long time after having my son. I snapped back pretty darn fast after my daughter, but after my son not so much.

        Eventually I stopped caring. I mean, I'm not supposed to look like a super model. I don't have a way to make airbrushing myself permanently a real thing. So why let it bother me?

        Same for you. Yes your body has changed but there's nothing wrong with that. I mean think about how amazing your body is, it gave life to other people! It's pretty darn awesome and should be celebrated! Go body, go body (imagine me dancing silly)!
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