Solid food for my 10 month old

Hi mamas my 10 month old is not fond of eating. He's still tiny at just 16.9lbs and his pedi says I need to get his formula in first (at least 24oz a day) and then solids. Well little man won't eat any solids if I do this but he will eat a meal of a 4oz jar of fruit or veggie plus 3 tblspns oatmeal...only problem is then he won't take his bottle. Do you ladies have babies like this and any ideas on what I could do?

Stephani HarperAttleboro, Massachusetts
    Stephani Harper
    Yeah he seems to like stuff that we eat lol in which case I don't blame him. I'm Leary of giving him certain foods because he has acid reflux and couldn't have milk based formula. I've tried yogurt but he can't hold it down. I guess if food isn't an issue before 1 I'm good with just giving him his bottles. Sometimes if I'm lucky I can get him to take some solids an hour or so after his bottle.
      Stephani Harper
      @Meg no my doctor didn't suggest that but that is a really good idea...he has acid reflux though so not sure of that would make him spit up more?
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