Traditional names

I see a lot of people are posting about favourite boy and girl names. I think it's funny how generational this is and how it goes in waves. When I was a kid, my name was considered way out there. Everybody was Jessica or Sarah or Pam. Boys were Jon or Michael. You get the drift. Now I feel like the names are more unique, which can be great. A few people, however, seem to have just picked some letters at random from the alphabet and thrown them together - ha! Do you like more traditional or more unique names? What is the wackiest name you have ever come across in real life?

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    I had to laugh because someone I knew wrote a tagline that said "My child's name is Wynkrld, it is pronounced Joseph." It was in jest of course , I thought it was witty!

    I like both. My kids have traditional-ish names. I'd say my son's is more unique but has become slightly trendy with different spellings (Devin) whereas my daughters has been around for ages but goes through highs and lows in popularity (Ashley).
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