What sport do you hope...

Do you have any particular sport you hope that your kids get in to? Do your kids play a sport that you wanted them to play?

Mini played softball for one season and she just didn't love it. I admit, I wanted her to play it because I played it and really enjoyed it. She did swim team as well and enjoyed that one much more.

Bub can't seem to commit when it comes to playing a sport. He really wants to run track, but there's no team in our area for his age. He'll have to wait for Jr High for that. I wanted him to try baseball but he couldn't be less interested if he tried.

    Soccer, ballet and cheerleader, I know she'll be very active, she already likes to try to run when she walks holding my hand.
      8Theresa Gould
      We haven't put any expectations on our children. Both my husband and I love sports but as a mom, I've never wanted to be on the go and never home. That to me seemed more stressful than staying at home all the time with my children.
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