silent reflux

I just wanted to know if anyone's baby been through this, and if it get better. I'm so frustrated , exhausted, and upset. My baby is in so much pain it's a struggle to get him to feed every time. He fusses and arches his back and most time only wants to nurse a couple of minutes no matter how hard I try. Then he starts crying and it's really hard to sooth him. It's the worse when he starts the high pitch screaming. It just breaks my heart. My doctor put him on rantitidine (generic of zantac) He has been on this for 4 days, and we are suppose to give it 2 weeks. I feel so bad I didn't see it the symptoms sooner. I thought he just had bad gas. I can hear him swallowing his spit up now. And he has wet hiccups all the time. He has plenty of wet diapers. But he only poops now once a day or every other. His poop has gotten really watery. Which my LC said he is just getting the fore-milk. I try so hard to have him nurse longer on one side but when he refuses and arches his back and won't latch back on. When my husband got home from work the last 2 days he was able to give him a bottle of BM (first time he took a bottle) and doing that was a real struggle! He won't take a bottle from me. I just want to hear what other people did to help there baby and how long it takes the medicine to kick in, And did you have to keep your baby on the medicine for a long period. I just feel like after 2 weeks if this medicine doesn't work were back to square one all over again. And he is 15 weeks and 12 pounds. He is at the lower end of weight and I'm so worried since he isn't drinking to much right now (esp) the hindmilk. Sorry for the long rant, I'm just at my wits end:(

    Oh Shannon, that has to be very difficult! I haven't dealt with silent reflux and I am very sorry you guys are dealing with it.

    Just keep in mind with a BF baby that less frequent bowel movements is pretty common.

    Is he on any type of predictable schedule yet? I was just wondering if you could pump to get rid of the foremilk before feeding him, that way he's not getting just that. He's probably a bit young for a feeding schedule though, I know mine weren't close to that yet at that age.
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        I don't have any experience but it sounds like Melissa and Tabitha have given you some good advice. Hope things just get better for both you and Alexander.
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