If your child had a Facebook

If your child, or children had a Facebook what would today's status be? This is just a fun little way to peek into the mind of our kiddos!

Bub's would be "I hate the new internet restrictions my mom figured out how to do on our router. Today I will be looking up hacks."

My daughters would be:
"Everything hurts. My feet, my back, my stomach, my soul... it's so hard to be me" LOL

    Tristens would be:
    It's not easy being this cute! I wish they all understood just how much work it really is. I don't just wake up with all this cuteness. I have to practice my cute face in the mirror everyday. If only they knew the dedication it takes to be cute for them!
      8Theresa Gould
      I have eight, Melissa, not fair!

      Jr, "Me looking for something to eat." - He literally just said that as he was rooting around in the freezer!

      My boys, "Work? More work?" - Hubby is fencing and the kitchen needs to be cleaned. Besides, our boys have an aversion to work!

      I cannot think of anything for the rest.
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