Am I pretty or ugly?

There is a fad now with kids to rate each other on social media. This is done in several different ways.

One is to have a "vs" match up. You photoshop two kids pictures together and put Vs in between them. The commenters decide who is the best looking by commenting a name. Doesn't sound too bad, right? But this can take an ugly turn and cause drama. I mean, this is tweens and teens we are talking about!

Another one that I am familiar with is "rate me?" where the girl posts a picture of herself, often in a sexy pose and then asks for likes or comments. These can get really ugly.

Also, there is this one. Click on the link below to learn more. What do you think of this kind of video?…

    8Theresa Gould
    Kind of a scary game. Our girls do not participate in these kinds of things, thankfully. If they did, I would really try to discourage it and tell them my reasons. It doesn't seem healthy and we shouldn't be looking at others looks to determine their value as a human being.
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