Happy Friday Everyone!

It is the weekend and although it will rain buckets here the entire time, I wish us all a beautiful, enjoyable, fun and safe weekend full of love and happiness!

“The wind drops us where it will and there we have the choice to either fight our fate or grow roots and bloom.”
~Jayne Castel, Dark Under the Cover of Night

I really enjoyed reading this quote as it reminds me of something I would say since I was in my early teens...... "I'll go where the wind blows me". Although back then, my thoughts on it were a little more simple it was still fitting in so many ways.

Even if where we are (mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, etc) is not where we want to be-we can fuss, whine, be angry or upset by it only making things harder on ourselves and those around us. Or instead, we could learn to accept it and take it as a speed bump on the road we travel. Facing forward rather than consistently reflecting on it will only keep us standing still rather than moving forward and getting through it. In addition, it could also blur our vision in recognizing opportunities that may be in front of our eyes to change it all around.
So I leave us with hopes and wishes for all beautiful things to come our way, even if it's wrapped in something not so beautiful. :-) Have a peaceful weekend.

    8Theresa Gould
    That is a great quote. I like being rooted somewhere.
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