Growing pains, they are a real thing!

Both of my kids off and on have complained about pains in their legs. I knw it's growing pains, but they really seem to hurt them sometimes. I remember going through that as a kid too, it's really not fun.

Have your kids ever complained of growing pains?

    8Theresa Gould
    Definitely. Most of them have. They can be quite painful.
      My oldest daughter (will be 5 in Aug) has complained of awful pain in her legs for the past 2 years. It only happens about once a month, but she cries and I feel awful that all I can do is give her some children's tylenol and make her wait til it kicks in. We;ve tried everything from massages to warm baths and her doctor says its nothing to worry about, but as a mom, I wish there was another way to help :(
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