Welcome to the teen years with your daughter

Dear Moms,

Welcome to the teen years with your daughters. You may want to consider xanax, but if that's not your thing then a lock on your door with a pillow to scream into will suffice.

The teenage female sighs dramatically, complains that everything hurts (can hair hurt? I am beginning to wonder), does this weird thing on occasion where they pretend to sleep but aren't actually asleep and seems to believe that you have a lot of money in the bank.

The teenage female has also learned the act of sighing and eye rolling at the same time at the mere suggestion of doing anything besides what they had in mind to do. If you are lucky they learn to pout and not shout, although both are equally annoying.

Your average teenage female will change clothes at least once a day. They will also put the clothing worn for only a few minutes into the clothes basket (or onto the floor) instead of hanging it back up. After about three days of this they will claim they have nothing to wear, even though you have bought more American Eagle and Hollister crap than you ever envisioned buying. Somehow, laundry is never completely done with the teenage female around.

If your female teen shares the same size shoe or clothing with you then forget about ever owning your own clothes again. In fact, she may also share these things with her friends. This also includes your jewelry. And make up. And pretty much everything.

But in spite of the laundry, eye rolling, fake yawning/sleeping and pouting they are still snuggleable. You still can't imagine then leaving this stage of life and becoming an adult. You will happily discuss potential colleges and extoll the virtues of living at home while in school instead of on campus. You will find yourself buying a class ring that is hideous but puts a smile on their face so it is worth every hundreds of dollars you pay for it. Same goes with the prom dress, hideous yet beautiful because it lights up their eyes. So take care with your teen because you only get them for a short amount of time. They eventually morph into the young woman phase, which means they start to make their own way. Love your teenage female with all of your heart while you have her.

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