Article: The Debate Over Handheld Devices for Babies & Children

There has been a lot of controversy over babies and children using handheld devices. I admit our children use my iPhone, use our daughter's iPod and our Kindle. I also admit that if we do not monitor and check ourselves and our children's use it can get out of hand. That's why for the summer we have issued a family "decree" that there's very little use. We are trying to use movies as a motivator to get things done in the garden and elsewhere. Not to mention playing outside is the best thing our children could be doing for the summer!

I will admit the lack of research on the use of these devices and the long term affects of daily usage does concern me. In fact, I want to go back and read the article the author mentions in her article because I haven't read any of them.

What is your take on the use of handheld devices among babies and children? Does it concern you?…

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    I also admit that over the summer I have let them use devices way more than what is probably good for them. During a counseling session for Bub his counselor explained to me how video games can actually inhibit brain growth! Not just the brain, but the synapse growth as well inside the brain. I was shocked, and fascinated so I researched some more. I have to agree, it could very well be possible due to the way games work.
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