Should I change the name I picked??

I wanted Josiah to be my babies name but I realized a lot of people are picking that name now....I told someone about the name last year before I was even pregnant and now my nieces friend named her baby Josiah as well. Would it be wrong to still name my baby Josiah...I love the name and my other two boys names are Elijah and Isaiah and I got so used to saying all 3 names now...I dont know what to do...

Lenae JohnsonMaplewood, New Jersey
    I say do what you want because you may regret it down the road. If you're still undecided when baby boy is born, don't you have like a week before having to complete the birth certificate? You could always wait until you see baby boy and test out the name on him, see if he looks like a Josiah.

    Josiah is a very handsome boy's name. I think it'll be a timeless classic soon like Robert and Michael.
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