Getting my 6 month old to sleep through the night

I never use to mind when Grayson wake up every 3-4 hours, I would nurse him back to sleep and I was able to lay him down with little to no trouble. But now he is wakes up more frequently and when I nurse him he is barely nursing when he fall asleep and isn't in a deep enough sleep for me to lay him down. This has led to me laying down with him and trying to get him in a deeper sleep, but half the time I am falling asleep with him or even while he is "nursing"

This has brought me back to trying to get him to sleep in him crib which is so hard, he wakes up as so as I lay him down and won’t calm down if I pat him on the butt. I am afraid that once I am able to get Grayson to sleep in his crib I will end up falling asleep with him. I don't know what to do! I am losing my patients!

I have been trying to figure out just what happened that it has come back to this and this is what I recall had changed; when I would first lay him down he would wake up a few times one where he was asleep but crying but this usually meant he would sleep soundly after. After the stopped one night I thought he was back to it, but it was different. After I soothed him I would lay him down and he would start crying but still somewhat asleep, this cry seemed like he was scared! So it was hard for me to just let him cry even when I was patting him on the butt it wasn't working. From that night I have been co sleeping. Which I am not a fan of I don't get much sleep but even now when I slide Grayson off of my stomach to my bed next to me he is waking up. I really just want to get him to sleep through the night in his crib but I don't know where to begin. I am doing this all on my own!
Even as I write this he is laying on me and he is crying like he is having a bad dream!! Did I cause this somehow, when I got frustrated with him!??

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