Blood is boiling!

So I saw this post on facebook and it was about a mother who had watched her 2 year old son drink bong water and didn't take him to the hospital. The boy died 2 hours later from THC and enough meth in the system to kill and adult. Some lady commented on the post and says "do you know that she gave him the drugs? no! Don't judge or be judge" This comment made me so angry! How could you try to justify what this lady had let happen to her son! The fact that this even happened to that poor little boy and then to have some dummy try and stick up for it! What the f*** is wrong this people! Im so tired of seeing children getting killed, beat up, system full of drugs because people don't know how to take care of their children! This makes me so angry this is the 4th time this week something has happened to a child because of selfish drugies!!!

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