Primrose Oil ???

I am 39weeks and on the 23rd will be my due date, and my doc apt. I cant ask my doctor about taking primrose oil pills, but I bought them today, and I really want to take them. I know there isn't any harm in taking them its natural and is recommended by most OB's and midwives. But this is my first baby and I have a feeling I might go over due, and I really don't want to get induced. So I want to jump start my labor, do you think i'd be ok with taking the pills without asking my OB? They are 1000mg and the suggested amount to take is 2000mg in the morning and 1000mg at night by most midwives. So I just want some advice before I do or don't take them. I don't want to hear , he will come when he is ready. It is really annoying hearing that. He has dropped already, so the waiting game is happening. But I am in a lot of pain from the pelvic pressure.

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Did you insert the whole capsule ? I am taking them orally .
I took one 1000mg orally, and felt sooo sick to my stomach like morning sickness all over again. Not sure if that was a normal side affect but it surely wasn't pleasant lol.
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